Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo

By Lulo Apps

Classic Words SoloClassic Words SoloClassic Words SoloClassic Words SoloClassic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo is the primary phrase sport to play towards your smartphone or tablet (solitaire mode).

Enrich your vocabulary because of the built-in word definitions!

6 problem ranges and lots of languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.

Tired of stumbling across cheaters or ready hours on your opponent's subsequent move on multiplayer word games?

Try out Classic Words Solo for fast fun, no matter in case you are a beginner in crossword games or a tournament player!

Choose the ability stage of the pc (from beginner to expert), pick a word list (English word lists embody TWL and SOWPODS official lexicons), and use your technique skills and vocabulary to try to defeat the Droid.

Classic Words gameplay is classical to crosswords board video games: create and place words on the board and increase your rating by placing letters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word squares.

Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50 points bonus.

This sport is a superb time killer for all fans of board video games and strategy video games. It can additionally be an educational game that may permit youngsters (and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable talent of the computer and quality word lists, Classic Words is utilized by many enthusiasts to play fast training matches and study new phrases from the pc's strikes.

Unlike with multiplayer board games the place some dishonest players use anagram solvers, there is no cheating potential when enjoying solitaire... Letters and blanks are all the time picked randomly, and the computer's artificial intelligence doesn't have more info than you do.

Only your ways and creativity can make the distinction...

Will you play strategically enough to outwit the computer and its intensive vocabulary?

☆ Features ☆

• 6 levels of difficulty

• Display the definition of phrases by swiping them

• Supports offline play

• Quit and resume sport whenever you want

• Shake to shuffle

• Languages and dictionaries supported:

- English (2 official phrase lists)

- German (with assist of Umlauts, and Ezset to get replaced by two 'S')

- French (official record used in tournaments)

- Italian

- Spanish

- Dutch

- Polish

• Distribution of letters and factors is adapted to the language

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