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Windguru OldWindguru Old


If you don't know what you would possibly be doing or you don't know Windguru in any respect, DO NOT INSTALL this app unless you benefit from the feeling of disappointment.

This app is just a reincarnation of the ancient 1.x model of the Windguru app for many who prefer it to the newer Windguru Lite which can also be out there from Google Play. This app just isn't maintained and WILL NOT be developed additional, it's just too tough to take care of the old and outdated code...


the unique Windguru web site is made as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which suggests it can work identical to an app in your Android device and offers full functionality. It's recommended to use it like that. More information at

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WARNING! If you have no idea something about Windguru and you are on the lookout for basic weather app with animated climate pictograms, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! :-)BEFORE YOU INSTALL CONSIDER THIS:This Lite app isn't maintained anymore, and it is only a subset of the full internet a...