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Weather Live - Widgets Radar

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Weather Live - Widgets RadarWeather Live - Widgets RadarWeather Live - Widgets RadarWeather Live - Widgets RadarWeather Live - Widgets Radar

A world weather service that supports daily weather queries in about 199 countries and more than 200,000 cities.

Based on main skilled expertise and huge weather and person knowledge, it offers climate data at any latitude and longitude around the world, as well as weather forecast services for the last forty days. Better interface design, more intimate scene-based services, and faster startup speed will escort your life.

No matter the place you are, you can get extreme climate warnings and forecasts! Get daily local climate info and extreme climate alerts, so you can reside daily carefree. The Weather App offers accurate stories that will help you plan 25 days in advance.

The weather forecast utility is a weather channels that permits you to handle the weather in many areas. On the home display screen, customers can see the climate of their location. Then the person can go to other screens for location administration. Users can add New York, London climate, Paris climate, San Francisco weather, Tokyo climate, Mumbai climate, Moscow...

See particulars on today’s weather update

Weather forecast information consists of atmospheric pressure, weather situations, visibility, relative humidity, precipitation in different models, dew level, wind pace, wind path, and so forth., ten-day forecast, hourly weather forecast


Global climate query for any latitude and longitude

Support the global climate data question of any longitude and latitude, regardless of the equatorial South Pole, the climate is understood.

Forecast for the next 25 days

The weather pattern forecast on the 40th, predict the rain and make plans.

Real-time monitoring of air quality

Real-time monitoring of air quality, look after well being and complete escort

Full climate report

.Display all climate info: location time, temperature, pressure, climate conditions, visible distance, relative humidity, precipitation in several items, dew point, wind pace and direction

Add multiple cities

Planning a visit, need to check the climate in your hometown, wish to check the climate within the metropolis the place your liked ones lives? Just add any city on the planet and assume about the real-time weather in that city

View all cities in a single screen to check weather in a number of cities

25 day Weather forecast

Prepare the weather forecast for the next 25 days this week and supply the next data.

Hourly climate updates

-See hourly updates for the weather with temperature, wind speed

The climate forecast could be very accurate and reliable

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You will see weather data update hourly and accurately with Local Weather - Weather Widget Show current climate, hourly/daily forecast, moon phase———— Main Features ————????Various weather info: temperature, wind, humidity, dew level, pressure, sunrise, sunset