SG Air

SG Air

By Sim Ruenn Kang

SG AirSG AirSG AirSG AirSG AirSG AirSG Air

Singapore Air high quality report with 24hr PSI/AQI, 1hr PM2.5(fine particulate matter), 24Hr PM2.5, 24Hr particulate matter (PM10), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and carbon monoxide (CO).


- 1hr PSI/AQI Widget

- NOTIFICATION service hourly on hazy day base on 1hr PM2.5 PSI/AQI a hundred, 24hr PSI/AQI100 or Sumatra Hotspot count100

- supported PSI and AQI

- Haze map with wind path, hotspots location and haze protection (Map replace on night everyday)

- Line charts with 24hrs information including 24hr PSI/AQI, Sumatra Hotspot Count, 1hr PM2.5, 24Hr PM2.5, 24Hr PM10, 24Hr SO2, 1Hr NO2, 8Hr O3 and 8Hr CO.

- Crowdsource air high quality report - check out close by air high quality reported by app users.

- Crowdsource photo - photo uploaded by app users.

- SG Air Camera


- 1hr PM2.5 PSI breakpoints transformed base on formulation from NEA and breakpoints of 24-hr PM2.5(ug/m3).

- AQI breakpoints referred from The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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