guess the country flags

guess the country flags

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guess the country flagsguess the country flagsguess the country flagsguess the country flagsguess the country flags

Guess the names of the flags of the nations of the world, a sport that combines entertainment and basic culture in particular, whereas I created the sport and picked up information.

I will give you some data that I examine country flags and why I took these designs.

Russian flag

The flag of the Russian Federation consists of three equal horizontal stripes: the top is white, the middle is blue, the bottom is purple. The ratio of the width to the size of the flag is a rectangle within the ratio 3/2

Origin of Science

The flag of Russia has been the inspiration for the colours of Slavic unity since 1848 and has its origins in 1696 from the flag of the Netherlands, adopted by the Dutch revolutionary chief William the Silent in the sixteenth century after the announcement of the separation of the Netherlands from Spain in 1581 (where the Catholics had been expelled)

US flag

The flag of the United States is the flag of the United States of America. It consists of thirteen pink and white strains symbolizing the number of British colonies at the declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776, which became the first 13 states in the United States of America, with a blue square containing 50 white stars symbolizing the variety of American states, and this area is recognized as Union Square.

Flag of the Great Britain

The 1801 flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the year of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) consists of a red cross of St George (the patron saint of England) surrounded by a white border forming a cross of St George. Patrick (patron saint of Northern Ireland). As well as a diagonal cross within the form of the letter X, constituting the Cross of St. Andrew (the patron saint of Scotland).

It is noteworthy that the region of Wales was not represented on the official flag of the United Kingdom, like the other areas forming the union (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland), as a result of King Edward I of England thought-about it a part of the Kingdom of England in 1282. It has now been proposed to add part of the flag of the United Kingdom representing Wales, however this has not been encouraged.

flag of france

The flag of France (known in French as drapeau tricolore, drapeau bleu-blanc-rouge and drapeau français) is a tricolor flag with three columns coloured (from left to right) blue, white and purple. These colours were chosen based mostly on the Dutch flag of the identical colors, which had been in existence for over two centuries earlier than the French flag was designed. The flag was first utilized in 1789, after the French Revolution, and have become the official flag of France on February 15, 1794. Red, white and blue symbolize freedom, equality and fraternity, which were the objectives of the French Revolution. . Blue and pink are additionally honorary colors of Paris, the capital of France, whereas white is the colour of the Bourbon royal home.

Flag of the People's Republic of China

The flag of the People's Republic of China was designed by Chinese plastic artist and economist Qing Liansong in 1949. Earlier in the course of the Manchu dynasty, the flag was pink with a blue dragon.

The which means of the colors of the Chinese flag

Red symbolizes the blood of the soldiers who fell through the revolution.

The yellow stars primarily symbolize the tradition of the nation and the Chinese folks, impressed by the flag of the Soviet Union, red with hammer and sickle and 5 yellow stars.

The largest five-pointed star symbolizes the nation's ruling Communist Party of China, and the four small stars symbolize the principle united lessons of the folks for Chairman Mao Zedong, and these lessons are workers, peasants, army and academics.

flag of the kingdom of saudi arabia

The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the flag or emblem within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a logo of the ruler and the state The finish of the flag in the middle of two testimonies (there is no god however God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God) are written within the Arabic script

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Guess the names of the flags of the world's countries, a game that mixes entertainment and general tradition particularly, while I was creating the sport and amassing information.I provides you with some information that I truly have learn about the flags of nations and why I took these...


Guess the names of the flags of the countries of the world, a game that combines fun and general tradition in particular, while I created the game and picked up info.I provides you with some info I examine nation flags and why I took these designsSerbian flagThe flag of Se...