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Bring-Your-Own TAXIMETER

User Guide

This app can be utilized by skilled drivers and passengers alike.

No configuration work wanted: Unlike any other app, Taximeter-GPS comes with pre-set Tariffs from 230 cities in 70 international locations.

Our free version has more performance than the paid model of any other app. Take a look at our very long Features listing on our web site.

If needed, setup your own Tariff proper within the app or on our Portal.

Since 2011, this GPS and OBD primarily based Taximeter app has been constantly extended in close cooperation with taxi companies and drivers.

Trust an app that is used day by day by thousands of professional drivers worldwide and has run tens of millions of journeys.

Reduce operational costs by changing your old taximeter devices with an expert app.

The app calculates with the highest precision, manages complicated Tariff buildings and masters all conceivable driving situations.

3 utilization modes:

LOCAL Mode More

‣A professional Taximeter for free, we aren't even displaying ads! It cannot get any higher than this.

‣No setup work required to do a taxi journey: Click 'FOR HIRE' and Taximeter starts. The app will choose from our database the Tariff that is geographically closest to you from the 230 pre-set Tariffs in 60 countries. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL THE APP WHICH TARIFF IT SHOULD USE!

‣When your trip is completed, click on on that very same button.

‣If our pre-set Tariff is not the one you want, you'll be able to setup your individual Tariff within the app.

‣Calculate Fare prematurely and begin navigation.

‣Connect Printer, OBD, Taxilight.

‣Interface to Credit Card systems (SUMUP, SIX).

LOGIN Mode More

‣As a Taxi Company, it could be finest to have your Taxi Company's personal Tariff managed centrally.

‣You will need your driver to solely do login/logout in the app and hold palms off any settings.

‣You certainly will wish to see all journeys accomplished by all drivers and trace their place in real-time.

‣Additional Credit Card system (SQUARE)

Then register on our website to create and maintain your individual Tariff by copying from considered one of our 230 preset Tariffs and do the modifications you need.

The Tariff configuration offers so many possibilities that it could seem overwhelming at first. That's why we assist you in this process. We can do the preliminary setup for you for a small charge.

When your Tariff is setup, you'll create driver profiles and automobiles.

App produces detailed reviews about driver and automobile exercise, like journeys (with passenger or idle), other activities (shift interruption, stand-by,...), earnings expenses and rather more.

Those reports can be utilized for police controls, settlement with Company accounting and tax purposes.


Use our comprehensive full Self-Service Dispatching performance along with our Passenger App by configuring your Vehicle Types, Cars, Drivers, Tariffs,... on our Portal.

‣Dispatch Trips (Ride Delivery) to your drivers through our Portal.

‣Receive Trip requests through the Passenger App.

‣Have Passengers pay with pre-registered Credit Card.

‣Manage payouts to drivers.

‣View Dashboard and Reports online.

You shall be operational with an entire Dispatching resolution inside hours.

This is the only answer that may allow you to be up and operating with Dispatching on the same day you decide you need such performance for your business.

Visit our site for particulars. If you're already in 'LOGIN Mode', your username and password are valid for the configuration of the Dispatching.

The full list of all app features could be viewed at the Features part on our web site.

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