GPS Waypoint Finder

GPS Waypoint Finder

By keuwlsoft

GPS Waypoint FinderGPS Waypoint FinderGPS Waypoint Finder

Uses the GPS sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor and Accelerometer to discover out the gap and path to a GPS waypoint. Does not have to be held degree.

Normally a compass needs to be level to get the proper reading, but this app uses the accelerometer studying to transform the magnetic field reading back to the horizontal airplane.

In addition to the course and distance to the waypoint, a compass ring reveals the present heading. North points to True North (i.e. The direction is corrected for the magnetic declination - the distinction between magnetic north and true north).

The GPS reading and the time since that reading is proven on the bottom of the display.

Use for geocaching, discovering your car, hotel, or different locations.

• Store as much as 500 waypoints.

• Imperial or Metric units.

• Import and Export waypoints as GPX files.

Arrow color modifications to green at lower than 30m and blue at lower than 10m to make it easier for littler ones to determine that they've reached the waypoint.

Whilst walking, look where your going, not on the app otherwise you may trip! The app tells you the direction of your vacation spot, not tips on how to get there.

Only pretty a lot as good because the sensors in your system. Use for Indication Only.

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