Agoda YCS for hotels only

Agoda YCS for hotels only


Agoda YCS for hotels onlyAgoda YCS for hotels onlyAgoda YCS for hotels onlyAgoda YCS for hotels onlyAgoda YCS for hotels only

Get THE official YCS cell extranet app for quick and easy administration of your property any time, from anywhere.

Maximize your bookings while minimizing effort:

- Update your rates on the go

- Don't lose out on that final reserving to a competitor – manage availability precisely

- Communicate with visitors via messages, for clean check-in

- See all your property’s key information up to date in real time, and evaluate to your high competition and the market

- Browse your newest reviews and reply easily if needed

- Personalize your service – examine guest keep details and booking info

- View arrivals and departures at a glance

- Improve your occupancy – quickly create Express Tonight promotions to quickly do away with last-minute inventory

- Optimize your promotions – verify promotion manufacturing and performance any time

More features in development!

If you're looking to make a resort booking or manage an Agoda Homes property, please use the Agoda app instead.

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