TNW Tickets

TNW Tickets


TNW TicketsTNW TicketsTNW TicketsTNW TicketsTNW Tickets

The app for the TNW network (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz) and TriRegio.

TNW Tickets is the first smartphone app in Switzerland for transport community tickets: fast, simple and safe.

Functions of the app:

Assortments: purchase the next assortments easily, rapidly and securely:

-Short-distance tickets, zone tickets, day tickets, multi-trip cards and special TNW tickets.

-TriRegio tickets for cross-border travel

-RVL connection tickets in combination with the U-Abo or GA travelcard

Multi-trip cards: secure pockets for unlimited number of multi-trip cards

Securing and restoring multi-trip cards: Securing multi-trip cards by one-time registration via SMS: Protection of multi-trip cards in case of loss or change of cell phone.

Transfer of multi-trip playing cards: With the Send and Receive features, multi-trip cards could be easily transferred to another smartphone.

Means of payment: TWINT, Visa, Mastercard Postfinance Debit Card, Apple Pay.

Disruption messages: Associated disruption messages are displayed for the selected departure stop.

Favourites: Save ticket preferences with number of tickets and class choice for quick choice.

Locate-Me: Automatically decide the present departure location and departure cease.

Passengers: Take up to 7 friends with you on the journey; a complete of 8 tickets per journey possible.

Search: Find the destination cease with the Search by place/stop function.

Route: All attainable connections, together with via connections, are displayed for choice.

Fare: The app routinely calculates the right fare from the departure to the destination.

Short journeys: Alphabetical itemizing of short journeys from the departure stop.

Security: Optionally safe the acquisition process with a password.

Receipt: Send the purchase receipt through email.

History: Saves the tickets within the ticket memory for 10 days.

Integration Half-Fare Card: With the registration of the SwissPass Half-Fare Card, the control data is displayed instantly in the purchased ticket. You solely need to indicate your smartphone while ticket inspection.

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