Accurate Altimeter

Accurate Altimeter

By AR Labs

Accurate AltimeterAccurate AltimeterAccurate AltimeterAccurate AltimeterAccurate Altimeter

The most downloaded Altimeter for Android that does not need web to work!

- Altitude estimation with three completely different strategies to be always sure to get a reliable measure, even without web connection.

- Historical charts to see your excursions elevation gain.

- Maps with peaks' title and contour lines. Pick elevation from any level on the map.

- Pictures with impressed place name and altitude.

Altitude could be estimated:

- With satellites triangulation. Slow and fewer accurate nevertheless it works even with no internet connection.

- Taking the bottom elevation at your current place from a world elevation map.

- Using the pressure sensor of your system (if available). It calibrates itself on stress from the closest weather station to enhance accuracy.

As extra PRO options you can even:

- compensate systematic error of strain sensor

- obtain a larger area of the global elevation map

- report altitude with out opening the App

- choose elevation on the map with no limitation

- don't have any advertising