TrekMe - GPS trekking offline

TrekMe - GPS trekking offline

By Pierre Laurence

TrekMe - GPS trekking offlineTrekMe - GPS trekking offlineTrekMe - GPS trekking offline

TrekMe is an Android app to get stay place on a map and different helpful information, with out ever needing an web connection (except when creating a map). It's perfect for trekking, biking, or any outside activity.

In this utility, you create a map by chosing the area you wish to obtain. Then, your map is out there for offline utilization (the GPS works even with out mobile data).

Download from USGS, OpenStreetMap, SwissTopo, IGN (France and Spain)

Other topographic map sources might be added.

Fluid and does not drain the battery

Particular consideration was given to efficency, low battery utilization, and smooth expertise.

SD card compatible

A large map may be fairly heavy and may not match into your internal reminiscence. If you've an SD card, you should use it.


• Import, record, and share GPX files

• Marker assist, with optional comments

• Real-time visualization of a GPX report, as properly as its statistics (distance, elevation, ..)

• Orientation, distance, and velocity indicators

• Measure a distance along a track

For instance, all map suppliers are free, except for France IGN - which requires an annual subscription.

For professionals and enthousiasts

If you have an exterior GPS with bluetooth*, you'll have the ability to join it to TrekMe and use it as a substitute of the internal GPS of your device. This is especially helpful when your exercise (aeronautic, skilled topography, ..) requires higher precision and updating your place at a higher frequency than each second.

(*) Supports NMEA over bluetooth


During a GPX recording, the app collects location information even when the app is closed or not in use. However, your location won't ever be shared with anybody and gpx files are saved regionally in your gadget.

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