KERB - a superb new approach to park!

Find a parking house:

KERB modifications the traditional view about where folks can park their automobiles, motorbikes, boats and even helicopters! KERB’s expertise unlocks empty areas across the world’s busiest cities, helping individuals, companies and governments to save lots of money and time.

How parking works:

1. Find a parking space on the map.

2. Pick how/when you need to park.

3. Make/request your booking.

4. Enjoy simpler parking with KERB!

List your parking space:

Think in regards to the place you reside in. Every time you get into your car or onto your motorcycle to go to work, you might be liberating up a parking space which might potentially be utilized by another person. And whenever you arrive at your vacation spot and begin on the lookout for parking, you could just as easily park in a non-public parking house belonging to a person, a small business or store, or even a hotel or church.

How itemizing works:

1. Download the KERB app.

2. Open the ‘Manage Spaces' tab.

3. Complete the 5 simple steps and publish.

4. Start incomes money!

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