English Korean Translator | Korean Dictionary

English Korean Translator | Korean Dictionary

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English Korean Translator | Korean DictionaryEnglish Korean Translator | Korean Dictionary

English Korean translation is also identified as the Korean English Dictionary. A translation software that helps Korean and English.

In every day life, this software program can talk with folks in English-speaking international locations or Korean-speaking countries, assist the seek for Korean phrases and sentences, and assist the seek for English phrases and sentences.

It is a should have software for traveling and speaking abroad. Students can learn Korean and English through this software. The software interface is gorgeous and easy to make use of.

The major operate:

1: Support English translation into Korean

2: Support Korean translation into English

3: Support Korean and English text translation

4: Support Korean and English voice enter (requires cell phone assist TTS)

5: Voice broadcast of translated Korean and English

6: Support textual content copying and sharing

7: Supports 10 completely different shade theme modes

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