Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)

Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)

By steve.turtle

Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)Japanese Food Dictionary(Free)

Assume you don't know the Japanese language, whenever you go to the Japanese restaurant and notice that the menu does not comprise any footage and English, and you don’t know how to order the meals, this App can help you!

Japanese Food Dictionary collects hundred of Japanese meals, present the translation and film. (Full model provide pronunciation)

You can use this App offline, network access is not required.

You can:

- find the food by restaurant

- find the meals by food class

- search by Japanese keyword (Japanese enter is included)

- search by English keyword

- save the food to Favorites (Limit:15) (* Full model restrict as a lot as:999)

* add the food to the order listing, (call the waiter), in “My order list”, play the Japanese pronunciation, which may help you ordering food simply.

* present the useful japanese sentence: For example, specific the sense of style, request menu, dining utensils, etc

(* solely obtainable in Full version)

* Permission required:

Full community access - For the Download HD meals photo function

Modify/delete SD card contents - For the Download HD meals picture function

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