Ping Net

Ping Net

By Ulf Dittmer

Ping NetPing NetPing NetPing NetPing Net

(For an explanation of the GPS permission, see below.)

Displays a lot of network information and diagnostics: Ping a server (via ICMP over IPv4 or IPv6 and TCP), DNS lookup (with geographical lookup of IP addresses), reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS queries, inspecting HTTP response headers, hint routes (also with IP tackle geo lookup), verify whether or not a spread of ports is open, scan a bunch for SSL versions and ciphers, perform Path MTU discovery, lookup the placement of hosts, check whether or not it's reachable from the general public web, and determine the risk related to an IP Address. It additionally reveals details of the present community setup and connection of the gadget, including netstat data. Wake on LAN functionality for waking up machines. The elective NetSentry monitors community interfaces and warns when usage limits are about to be breached.

Includes a home screen widget for long-running pings, and a Wake-on-LAN widget for waking a particular host.

Recently used hosts, IP addresses and DNS servers are remembered for auto-completion.

The results may be copied (via long-click on the output text), despatched via e-mail or saved in a file as textual content or PDF. A history of the results of current operations is stored (swipe left and proper to modify between tabs).

Numerous choices (like using another name server, Ping TTL, displaying ping occasions for each traceroute step, Broadcast Ping, utilizing HTTPS, setting the HTTP port number, selection of DNS report varieties to query, etc.) can be found.

Contains no ads.

Please join the Google Group Ping Net where I help this app, particularly should you're having problems.

WHY THE GPS PERMISSION? First off, GPS is just accessed if the Show Location checkbox is about within the Ping Options dialog. This checkbox is turned off by default, so unless you explicitly set it, you don't want to worry about your location ever being tracked. Tracking location is beneficial for measuring ping times during long-running pings across large areas, like a factory or a university campus. Once a long-running ping with location is completed, a Google Earth file (.dmz) is created that reveals the ping occasions together with the geo location of each ping. Most people will never need this selection, so you do not have to worry. And even when you do use it, location information is stored on the gadget, it's not sent or uploaded anyplace (the exception being should you attach the Google Earth file to an outgoing email - by which case you are in command of where the e-mail is sent to). So all of the unfavorable comments you may even see within the Play Store are unfounded.

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