Easy KNX Lite

Easy KNX Lite

By Gustavo Lizio

Easy KNX LiteEasy KNX LiteEasy KNX LiteEasy KNX LiteEasy KNX Lite

Easy KNX Lite is an utility that enables us to rapidly and simply operate as a lot as three KNX controls. For a more full control of your installation, we invite you to make use of the Easy KNX software.

To be capable of use this utility, it is essential to have a configured and dealing KNX set up, which must have an interface with the IP community (KNX/IP Gateway).

The first time you open the appliance, it is going to be clean, that's, it will not have any floor, room or control created. You will need to create these components in accordance with the complexity of your KNX community.

As you create each of the controls you can take a look at them instantly.

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