Basic for Android

Basic for Android

By NS-ware

Basic for AndroidBasic for AndroidBasic for AndroidBasic for AndroidBasic for Android

This Basic have high compatibility with the standard Basic.

QB, C64 basically commands, you must use it almost as it.

The command interactive console of the PC is just realized.(Text edit mixture ok)

Time reservation execution:Terminal is controllable at arbitrary time.

By this one, the prevailing smartphone will turn into in a place to utilize as a portable laptop.

Feature: Simple and thorough language specification. High speed execution.

By definition perform, it can use subroutines hierarchically. Recursive call can be possible.

Although Variable is automatic declaration,

there is distinction of world variable and native variable.

Flow processing maintained in block structure is feasible.

It has sprite operate of variable dimension, varied expression is feasible.

By background graphics operate of elements unit, scroll expression can be made simple.

It also have the judgment function of the collision with each sprite and background graphics.

Independent display screen structure: Text, Graphics, BG-Graphics, Sprite Graphic buffer.

Various gadget operations are supported.

Camera photography, GPS sensor, Video playback, Voice recording, Bluetooth.

In the default 'Permission' OFF state, not accessible to the hardware.

(It is security function of OS)

When utilizing these features(command), please activate the permission.

Various sensors. (Orientation,Accelerometer,Proximity,Temperature,Illuminance,Gyroscope,Magnetic,Pressure)

Voice synthesis. (Text To Speech)

SQLite and Regular-expression can be utilized from both Program sauce and Direct command.

The different,

Execute external application. Web page show.

Zip-file compressdecompress.

C language conversion save perform.

QR-code Bar-code Reader, Generator.

The load operate from the network.

The specification program execution perform from house display screen.

Mathematics function of college textbook.

fcal:f(x) Calc, sigma:ΣSum, perm:Permutation, comb:Combination

deriv$:spinoff, diff:Differential, intgr:Integral, dint:Definite

root:n-th Root, prime:Prime number, gcd:Greatest widespread, lcm:Least common

matrix:Linear algebra

Various interrupts perform.

on (stop, time$, interval, play, contact, bluetooth, error)

Random(binary) Text file, File operation, Music performance perform.

Software keyboard and Hardware keyboard, Both out there.

Key project okay. Direction system: Virtual pad.

Programming is possible only with a smartphone by 'Auxiliary-input' and 'Popup-Help'.

It is also attainable to exchange knowledge with PC via USB cable connection or SD card.

There are Step-execution-mode Variable-table.

Equipped On-line and Off-line guide.

HP: Turtle graphics is launched.

Sample: taking pictures action recreation, etc. RPG materials Built-in.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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