AV Tools Pro

AV Tools Pro

By Dan Sullivan

AV Tools ProAV Tools ProAV Tools ProAV Tools ProAV Tools Pro

A simple but very helpful collection of audio-visual instruments and data to be used when ever you want.

Additional features in AV Tools Pro:

✓ No Adverts

✓ Custom frequency tone generator with play in background facility

✓ Favourites feature - fast access to your most used instruments.

✓ Tablet layouts

Audio Tools

❖ Delay calculator - A fast and simple method to convert from metres / toes to mS.

❖ DAW disk area calculator - Want to know what number of tracks you probably can document for your 30 minute master piece and at what sample / bit price primarily based in your exhausting drive capability, then this is the device for you.

❖ SPL calculator - Simply enter amplifier energy, loud-speaker sensitivity and a distance to find your most sound stress stage.

❖ Impedance calculators - Calculate whole loads for a gaggle of audio system in parallel and series configurations.

❖ Tone Generator - Custom frequency tone generator with play in background facility, 20hz to 20khz sine wave sweep, pink and white noise.

❖ dBu / dBV to voltage converter, wavelength calculator, fixed voltage impedance converter (70v 100v line), and UK radio mic frequency lists (Ch38, Ch69 and de-reg).

Video Tools

❖ Aspect ratio calculator - Need to work out a movies side ratio; merely enter the size and press calculate, alternatively enter one dimension and choose the aspect ratio to get the second dimension.

❖ Projection distance calculator and screen resolutions guide.

Lighting Tools

❖ DMX handle - dip swap - Simply enter the DMX tackle to receive the correct dip switch settings, then choose an offset (Number of DMX channels your fixture requires) and use the plus and minus buttons to quickly handle a number of fixtures.

❖ Beam width calculator and Gel minimize calculator.

Power Tools

❖ Power voltage current calculator - A simple Ohm's law primarily based calculator.

❖ Voltage drop calculator


❖ Pin-outs for common audio-visual connectors

If you wish to request a characteristic or report a bug please e-mail me, in any other case please depart a comment.

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