Adad Calculator (Abjad)

Adad Calculator (Abjad)

By Huzaifa Mustafa

Adad Calculator (Abjad)Adad Calculator (Abjad)Adad Calculator (Abjad)Adad Calculator (Abjad)Adad Calculator (Abjad)

In Arabic language, every alphabet has an equivalent numerical value known as the Adad of that letter. The calculation of this worth is recognized as Abjad Calculations or Hisab'ul Jumal.

This Adad Calculator is the FIRST and only application of this type on the Google PlayStore. This utility can be utilized to calculate the numerical worth (Adad) of any phrase, phrase or even sentences, together with however not limited to any Quran verse, title of a person, place or entity and so on.

It additionally provides the frequency of occurrence of every individual letter, in addition to the total variety of letters and number of words in any given sentence.

If you encounter any trouble be at liberty to drop me an email with the issue you are going through and I will attempt my greatest to resolve it promptly. And if you like the application, do not forget to offer your reviews and/or ratings.

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