UScellular Protect

UScellular Protect

By Assurant Inc.

UScellular ProtectUScellular ProtectUScellular ProtectUScellular ProtectUScellular Protect

UScellular Protect is like having a technical genius securely backing up and restoring customers' information, running system checkups, and offering technical assist for user's mobile system.

Core Functionality:

• With UScellular Protect you can securely again up and restore pictures, videos, music, paperwork, and contacts. UScellular Protect supplies a solution for syncing, storing, backing up, and restoring content.

Using UScellular Protect you may also:

• Scan for device issues: You can simply maintain your system healthy

• Stay informed with alerts: You will obtain detailed alerts with solutions when gadget issues have been detected

• Solve device issues: step-by-step guides and answers

• Locate, lock, or wipe lost or stolen system utilizing Find My Device function on the Tools tab

• Tap-to-Talk to a human Geek if you want slightly extra help

• You can maintain your system protected by scanning for malicious applications

This app requests the Location permission to access your Wi-Fi community details to detect weak Wi-Fi settings.

This app makes use of the Accessibility permission (AccessibilityService API) in the Web Shield feature that protects you from threats on the net by alerting you when you visit a malicious website online. Personal or sensitive information isn't collected or stored.

This app makes use of the Device Administrator permission.

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