Plex Dash

Plex Dash

By Plex Labs

Plex DashPlex DashPlex DashPlex DashPlex Dash

★★ You'll need a Plex Media Server and an active Plex Pass to use this app ★★

★★ From the same individuals who brought you the Plex app ★★

★★ PS - If you’re new to Plex, obtain the Plex app first ★★

Pop quiz, hotshot: what quantity of streams is your Plex Media Server dispensing RIGHT NOW? What’s your most-watched movie up to now month? Is that CPU you picked up from a sketchy eBay vendor up to the task? More importantly, are you sure that’s the most effective poster for Speed (1994)?

Plex Dash is a tool created by obsessive Plex Media Server admins for obsessive Plex Media Server admins. Get real-time status of playbacks, DVR recordings, Sync conversions, and more. Monitor bandwidth and server assets with attractive graphs. Dig deeper and study prime objects or particular person consumer historical past. Fix up artwork. Refresh libraries. Inspect nerdy media particulars. If it all goes south, try the raw server logs.


Who’s streaming what right now? Plex Dash solutions in spades. Gorgeous Now Playing tiles maintain you apprised of all the latest shenanigans, across all of your servers. Put that giant iPad to nice use by duct-taping it to the wall (landscape, duh); lean back, pet your hairless cat, and regulate your empire.


Server as a lot as something? DVR recording? Media Optimizer doing its… optimizing? You get a chonky lightning bolt to ensure this doesn’t go unnoticed.


Browse and alter art work from the palm of your hand while checking out at your native co-op. It’s like that other swipey app, but with less threat of illness.