Naptime - the real battery saver

Naptime - the real battery saver

By Francisco Franco

Naptime - the real battery saverNaptime - the real battery saver

This is the real battery saver. No placebo and dumb advertising shenanigans!

Naptime lowers your system's energy consumption while the display is off by empowering Android's built-in doze energy saving performance. Faster idle means much less power being consumed unecessarily. By default doze can take some time to kick in so Naptime just speeds-up that process automagically for you.

It can even routinely disable W-iFi, cell data, location bluetooth as quickly as doze kicks in.

Experimental features similar to automated Android Battery Saver, Aggressive Doze timings, Aggressive Doze scheduling instances and placement detection.

Now you might have profiles so you can load them up on demand primarily based on your usage and accessible from Quick Tiles.

Most options work when you're not rooted, but to have the complete experience you may should root your gadget.


Q: Rootless mode?

To use Naptime's options with out Root you have to grant it DUMP permission through ADB on your computer by executing this command:

adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android.permission.DUMP

You additionally must grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission:

adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

After these two permissions are granted you'll have the ability to use Naptime freely.

Q: I don't obtain notifications or my music streaming apps cease working after screen off. Please halp!

With 'Aggressive Doze' doze is being pressured after you screen off. Doze is, presently, the most highly effective battery saving mechanism on Android.

The following restrictions apply to your apps while in Doze:

· Only high-priority push notifications are delivered;

· Network entry is suspended;

· The system ignores wake locks;

· Standard AlarmManager alarms are deferred to the following upkeep window:

· The system doesn't carry out Wi-Fi scans;

· The system does not permit sync adapters to run;

· The system does not permit JobScheduler to run;

Apps like Gmail, which use normal-priority notifications, have them delivered through the maintenance window or whenever you get up your gadget. This is commonplace behavior and can't be changed

Although, you possibly can select apps to bypass doze. Go to Settings - Battery - overflow -Battery optimization - All apps - Your app - Don't optimize

That'll permit apps like Spotify to bypass the compelled doze and really work on display screen off.

Q: What's the 'Sensors app whitelist' feature?

It works together with the 'Disable motion detection' function and permits you to choose up-to one app (sorry, Android limits us to just one app) to request sensor data even if you disable motion detection.

For example it permits apps, corresponding to Google Fit, to question the accelerometer or gyroscope to count your steps.

Q: Why does my display, typically, blink once after screening on?

This might occur if you're disabling the motion sensors. The reason for this is simple, for system brightness auto-rotate settings to work after screening on they must be toggled on/off (otherwise they will not work) and due to this fact it might blink (even if it's just for a pair milliseconds).

Q: My fingerprint scanner doesn't work when I disable the sensor motion detection!

Unfortunately not all gadgets will work nice when disabling motion sensor detection and within the process some other sensors functionality may cease working. There's nothing I can do about it and your only option is to not use that setting enabled. There's also some bizarre compatibility with LG telephones where the display does not even activate once more if this setting is enabled.

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