Linear and angular speeds

Linear and angular speeds

By ProstoBuild

Linear and angular speeds

A easy engineering calculator of linear and angular velocities that will allow you to find the shaft pace, shaft radius, number of revolutions and centripetal acceleration.

Working order:

1. Select from the drop-down menu what you want to discover (linear speed, angular speed or shaft radius)

2. Fill within the applicable values ​​below in accordance with the picture

3. Press the Calculate button

All the required values ​​will be calculated underneath the Calculate button.

Based on the calculation outcome, you will know the next values:

- linear velocity ( m/s and km/h)

- angular velocity (rad/s)

- shaft radius (mm, cm and m)

- number of revolutions shaft for a sure time (per second and per minute)

- time to complete one revolution (in seconds and minutes)

- centripetal acceleration of the shaft (m/s2)

For reference:

- 1 radian = 57.2958 degrees

- 3.14 radians (PI number) = a hundred and eighty degrees - half circle

- 6.28 radians ( 2*PI) = 360 degrees - a whole circle

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