Image Video Date Fixer

Image Video Date Fixer

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Image Video Date FixerImage Video Date FixerImage Video Date FixerImage Video Date FixerImage Video Date Fixer

Ever copied images from one telephone to a different, or from an external storage or cloud supplier to your phone and ended up with a messed up timeline within the gallery?

This happens as a result of the file modification dates of your images shall be set to the the date whenever you transfered your information to your phone

Here comes Image and Video Date Fixer to the rescue. It can read the captture date of photographs and movies from its EXIF metadata and sets that as file modifidation date utilizing the Android File API.

In case your photographs don't include EXIF Metadata, but contains the date in the filename, Image and Video Date Fixer can parse the filenames to extract the date from it and uses that to correct the file modified date.

The free model permits you to repair 50 recordsdata per run.

If you wish to repair more information per run you can buy the premium model with an in app purchase.

All recordsdata entry:

Starting with the Android SDK Version 30, which will be enforced for apps this year, Image Video Date Fixer wants a particular permission known as 'All files entry'. Without it the app would not work, because it needs uncooked file access to set the final modified dates on your files.


Due a bug in the Android Framework, fixing the file modification date will simply work on Android 9 upwards. In some circumstances it may also work on Android 8 for some producers.

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