Data Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI data

Data Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI data

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Data Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI dataData Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI dataData Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI dataData Statistics | Traffic Statistics | WIFI data

Traffic statistics is a software that counts mobile phone data site visitors and WIFI site visitors. It can count the data visitors and WIFI site visitors used by all applications every single day.In day by day life, if the mobile phone data move exceeds the usual, it will cause extra costs. This software program can facilitate the consumer to handle and view the mobile phone information flow The use of mobile phone knowledge to keep away from additional charges brought on by extreme cell phone data visitors. Through this software, customers can conveniently check the every day data move and

WIFI utilization, cheap planning of cell phone utilization behavior.

The software program functions are as follows:

1: Count the daily knowledge visitors of cellphones and the total utilization of WIFI traffic

2: Count the info visitors and WIFI traffic of all purposes on a certain day

3: Yesterday’s visitors utilization report, recording yesterday’s knowledge site visitors and WIFI visitors, and evaluating it with the typical utilization of the last 7 days

4: Daily information site visitors and WIFI visitors of a certain APP

5: Set the whole number of cell card packages. When the whole variety of packages is approaching, remind users to keep away from extreme consumption.

6: Traffic ranking, which is convenient for customers to know the every day site visitors consumption

About permissions:

In order to obtain the cell phone knowledge site visitors and WIFI site visitors usage, the user must enable the telephone permission and usage entry permission.

About the data:

The information obtained by this software is all saved in the user's cell phone and will not be uploaded to any server. Please feel free to make use of it.


If you've any software program issues or operate suggestions, please send us an email by way of the software contact us menu, and we are going to revise consumer suggestions opinions and suggestions as quickly as attainable.

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