Circuit Calculator

Circuit Calculator

By vdv

Circuit CalculatorCircuit CalculatorCircuit CalculatorCircuit CalculatorCircuit Calculator

Circuit Calculator is an electronics design device for engineers.

150 circuits for design, 50 electronics calculators, 20 Application Notes, Logic Solver.

Convenience, visibility and skill to seek out an optimum resolution in minimal time.

Simple consumer interface, small size, smart software.

*** No adverts, No Internet access required. ***

This electronics design device is designed by an engineer for engineers and is in a position to prevent plenty of time!

Are you afraid to purchase this app because of the lack of reviews?

Real persons are lazy to write critiques and the device does not drive you to put in writing it like others do.

The app has been on the market for a quantity of years.

If somebody who bought the tool was indignant, they would write about it in the comments!

And of course, when you discover time to fee or write a review on this app, it's going to assist other people to make their choice.

You can strive Circuit Calculator Demo before you buy:

* Amplifiers:

Inverting, Non-Inverting, Difference, Instrumentation and and so forth.

With Op Amps and Fully Differential Amplifiers.

* Variable Gain Amplifiers:

Single-ended and differential.

* Drivers:

Single-ended, Differential, Balanced.

* Mathematical Operations:

Summing, Range converting, Integrators and and so on.

* Current Sources and Receivers:

Current-to-Voltage and Voltage-to-Current converters.

* Impedance Converters:

Gyrators, C to L and C to RL.

* Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Band-stop, All-pass Filters:

Multiple Feedback, Sallen-Key and other topologies.

* Impedance Matching:

L-network, PI-network, T-network.

* Power Circuits:

Feedback resistor divider, Zener diode, Input and Output Filters, Voltage multiplier.

* Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Stages.

- Small-signal analysis;

- Current and voltage waveforms of components;

Buck, Boost, Inverting Buck-Boost,


Flyback, Forward,

Half-Bridge, Push-Pull, Full-Bridge.

* Control Loop Compensation:

Type I, Type II, Type III

with Op Amp, Transconductance Amp, Shunt Regulator (TL431) with optocoupler.

* Others Passive and Active Circuits;

* Tuning;

* Monte-Carlo worst-case analysis;

* Reverse: calculation of circuit parameters at identified values of its components whether it is potential.

Suitable for circuit verification and reverse engineering.

* Logic Solver, from 2 to six inputs.

* Electronics toolbox with greater than 50 calculators.

Parallel/Series connection, LED resistor, Noise calculations, PCB hint temperature, PCB hint impedance, Planar inductors, and and so forth.

* Application Notes with details about parts, circuits, requirements.

You can use Filter Designer to design multistage energetic analog filters, obtainable within the Google Play Store.

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