Bluetooth Commander Pro

Bluetooth Commander Pro

By Marek Masár

Bluetooth Commander ProBluetooth Commander ProBluetooth Commander ProBluetooth Commander ProBluetooth Commander Pro


Bluetooth Commander is Bluetooth terminal app for managing low stage communication between your Android smartphone and Bluetooth gadgets (one or multiple) corresponding to microcontrollers, Arduino, processor boards or different Bluetooth terminals. Application allows simultaneous connections to multiple gadgets with traffic diagnostic capabilities and incorporates interface for creating database of user defined commands. From model 6.8 currently out there for beta testers phone sensor information corresponding to GPS place, acceleration, temperature, battery degree, proximity, and so on., can be included in commands and send to connected units.


- Connection and communication with multiple Bluetooth units simultaneously

- 3 interface layouts available (list, gamepad and totally customisable interface)

- Editor for creating instructions in hexadecimal or textual content format

- Simple send-by-click interface

- Time primarily based (periodical) transmission options

- Advanced logging capabilities, logging of multiple connected devices, shade differentiations, time stamps

Bluetooth Commander app helps connection to following forms of Bluetooth units:

- Classic Bluetooth device ( SPP - serial port profile)

- Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart)

Connecting to a number of BLE devices and a number of classic Bluetooth gadgets on the same time is possible


Application provides 3 types of interface layouts.

- Basic layout - Default structure by which instructions are organised in an inventory view. Connection panel is positioned in the top and log (with customisable size) in the bottom.

- Gamepad BETA - appropriate for controlling shifting devices where it's required to regulate options like driving instructions, arm position, object orientation or shifting components normally, but it can be used for another functions and device varieties.

- Custom format BETA - absolutely customisable consumer interface. You can design your personal layout which suits your wants.

To swap between format click on on menu button - Switch structure.

User guide now available:

Click right here to become a beta tester


To scan for BLE devices, app want permission ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. The cause is (from Google developer guide): LE Beacons are often associated with location. In order to use BluetoothLeScanner, you should request the person's permission by declaring both the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission in your app's manifest file. Without these permissions, scans won't return any results.


Found a bug? Missing feature? Have a suggestion? Just email the developer. Your suggestions is greatly appreciated.

[email protected]


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