Wenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition Ziweidoushu

Wenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition Ziweidoushu

By 文墨天機 Pro

Wenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition ZiweidoushuWenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition ZiweidoushuWenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition ZiweidoushuWenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition ZiweidoushuWenmo Tianji Pro Forecaster Edition Ziweidoushu

Ziwei Doushu is certainly one of the most essential branches of conventional Chinese numerology, ranking first in the Five Divine Numbers. It uses the yr, month, day and time of the individual's start to predict the nice and unhealthy luck of the individual. In historic times, the Ziwei Doushu Prediction Technique was utilized by the royal family and was supervised by Qintian. It was specifically predicted for the emperor. The complexity of the arrangement restricted its unfold among the many people.

The speedy improvement of latest laptop know-how has made it easier to rearrange the original sophisticated Ziwei Doosan. However, there are kind of issues with the structure software program on the Internet, such as: 1. Anxing is not allowed; 2. The time vary of the layout is proscribed; 3. The program is now not updated, resulting in errors that cannot be corrected; 4. Lack of A structure software with the identical style as the online model, desktop version and cell version...

Wenmo Tianji is a set of Ziwei Doushu layout software rigorously designed and developed for the above problems. The following features:

1. Provides a high-precision perpetual calendar with a large time range that may be arranged, which makes up for the shortcomings of the identical kind of software that can be organized in a small time range and is inconvenient to study the ancient and later generation charts. .

2. Provide constant layout fashion and person experience for net model, desktop model (Windows/Mac), and mobile version (iOS/Android).

3. Provide a well-designed layout interface, the type is easy but not simple, suitable with the prevailing habits of numerologists and followers of Ziwei Doushu, the structure and colour matching style of the disk are in line with the extensively used flywheels. Star, Sanhe, and Sihua platoon software program are consistent, significantly decreasing the brink to be used.

4. Provide a wealth of configuration options for researchers of different faculties of Ziwei Doosu to set the layout based on the idea of this college.

5. Provide handy and quick switching operate between the limit and the fleeting year, which greatly improves the experience of newbies.

6. Provide continuous software update companies, extensively listen to the opinions and ideas of numerologists and Ziwei Doosu fans, and continuously update and enhance products.


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