Work Attendance

Work Attendance

By VT software

Work AttendanceWork AttendanceWork AttendanceWork AttendanceWork Attendance

The software lets you document and evaluate worker attendance. All these come with out monthly flat fees. In the basic model for 3 workers, the appliance is completely free. For a bigger number of workers, simply buy a one-time extension.

What App can:

- Recording arrivals, departures and numerous types of breaks;

- determine the employee so that it's not abused by a 3rd celebration;

- assign working hours to predefined projects;

- acknowledge public holidays and varied forms of obstacles at work;

- monitor the set working hours and point out non-compliance;

- generate month-to-month or time predefined attendance reports in xls format for additional processing (payments, venture hours ....);

- share stories in several methods;

- within the administrator strategy account handle accounts and employees’ settings.

For the attendance system, it's essential to dedicate one cell phone or a tablet as an attendance terminal. The attendance software might be operating on this terminal in recording mode. Depending on the chosen degree, it is possible to acknowledge the worker using the assigned PIN, or utilizing the help utility for employees (Attendance - employee identification) with the generated QR code on the employee's telephone.

To set up the employee support utility - “Attendance - Employee”, please follow this hyperlink: