Wakey - Control your screen sleep and brightness

Wakey - Control your screen sleep and brightness

By Kanetik

Wakey - Control your screen sleep and brightnessWakey - Control your screen sleep and brightnessWakey - Control your screen sleep and brightness

Have you ever needed to maintain your device's screen on longer than normal? Want to make your display go to max brightness if you end up utilizing navigation or viewing your trip photos? With Wakey, you probably can hold your display on as long as you want.

Wakey retains your screen on, on your phrases - make the display actually shiny, dim, and even completely dark - however the telephone's nonetheless awake and working. Wakey can be set to maintain your screen on when certain apps or video games are energetic, or when the gadget is charging, or even when you're looking at the system.

Wakey is battery friendly - it'll keep the display screen awake only whenever you need it. You can allow it manually with the large bulb right in the app at any time, and tap it once more or use the notification to disable it.

Wakey Premium (in-app upgrade) has several features that will make your life even easier:

FaceWake Keep your screen awake so lengthy as you are looking at it.

AppWake Automatically maintain your display screen awake when sure apps are within the foreground. If you need to hold the screen on to see album artwork while music is playing or whereas enjoying video games like Pokemon Go (not affiliated), this function is nice for you.

If you've limited dexterity or bodily disabilities, AppWake lets you make certain the display stays on while you use apps requiring extra time to navigate and permits the display flip off shortly all different instances.

ChargeWake Automatically maintain your display screen awake when it's charging.

Tasker Plugin You can use Tasker or Locale to customize Wakey greater than ever! Set Wakey to react to no matter triggers Tasker helps. Night-time browsing? Set the display to remain on dim. Using nav in the course of the day? Set the display screen on full brightness. You now have extra management than ever!

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