SmartTv Service Remote Control

SmartTv Service Remote Control

By AndreyMakarov

SmartTv Service Remote Control

The program will help

- Change the TV area;

- Change location;

- Make the necessary settings

This model is suitable on your Samsung TV and completely replaces the service remote control.

Current version requires IR blaster.

Jobs out there on phones with android 4.2 and above.

Be cautious when working with the settings, illiterate use of might injury the TV !

Description of this system could be discovered on the project web site.

The program fully replaces and complements the service remote control , you must use it accurately.

By downloading, you save money on the purchase of the Service Remote Control

You can write to me for two days and I will refund your payment

On rooted and devices with custom firmware works are not assured.

Ready application for ipad and iphone. You can to read it on the challenge web site.