Series/Parallel Resistors

Series/Parallel Resistors

By Peter Ho

Series/Parallel ResistorsSeries/Parallel ResistorsSeries/Parallel ResistorsSeries/Parallel ResistorsSeries/Parallel Resistors

When you wouldn't have an actual resistor worth in constructing a circuit, you have to mix two resistors both in series or in parallel. This app is used to search out out all the mixtures of these resistors making a desired resistance.

This app is suitable for hobbyist or electronic engineers.


1. Calculate resistance of 2 resistors in series / parallel (equivalent resistance)

2. To find out mixtures of 2 resistors in series / in parallel making a desired resistance

3. Save all mixtures in a CSV (Excel) file

Features in PRO version only:

1. No Ad

2. No limitation

Note :

1. For those who need help please email to the designated e-mail.

Do NOT use either the feedback area to write down questions, it is not acceptable and that isn't guaranteed that can learn them.

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