QR Code Master

QR Code Master

By Weight&diet diary of Dottools

QR Code MasterQR Code MasterQR Code MasterQR Code MasterQR Code Master

QR Code Master is a fast, safe and powerful QR Code software that provides QR Code era and QR Code scanning capabilities, and the ability to beautify QR Codes, which might then be shared to numerous platforms. The QR Code scanning recognition engine is specifically optimized to recognize QR Codes faster and in addition supports selecting QR Codes from albums for recognition.

✨Provides the following features.

1️⃣ QR code scanning

2️⃣Recognition of the album QR code

3️⃣Provide flash on and off

4️⃣Generate various types of QR codes

5️⃣Save QR code scanning and generation records

If you've any questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected] .

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