Privacy Dots: Android 12 dots

Privacy Dots: Android 12 dots

By Paget96

Privacy Dots: Android 12 dotsPrivacy Dots: Android 12 dots

Powerful app that indicates whether different apps or companies uses your location, camera or microphone. Be conscious, after granting any of those permissions to an app they'll use features with out your knowing or as we call it spying.

This app will help in that manners

**Location permission**

Use location permission to determine when other apps are using location access to share your present location.

Privacy Dots does not use both share or retailer your location, instead, permission is just used for detecting whether or not other apps or services use the situation access.

**Accessibility service**

Enabling accessibility service is required to allow privateness monitoring which detects whether the functions have used your hardware such as digital camera and microphone.

All data acquired throughout app energetic time will stay locally (on your device). Once the app information is removed or uninstalled everything might be removed.

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