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The POLARIE U app is an app dedicated to the POLARIE U star tracker provided by Vixen. Shooting evening skies is straightforward if only the POLARIE U. With the use of this app, nonetheless, you will get pleasure from making a time-lapse movie of a higher stage.

Major features

- Various speeds of rotations. (10x of the sidereal monitoring rate at the most.)

- The rotation speeds can be found to set in the Custom Mode.

- Control a camera shutter with an optionally obtainable shutter launch cable.

- The motion of a POLARIE U may be linked with the shutter management (Shoot-move-shoot function).

- Tracks the motion of stars accurately and the celebs appear no trails in long exposures.

- The bracketed imaging mode is on the market. It is efficient in capturing fainter celestial objects corresponding to diffuse and emission nebulae and it allows for creating HDR pictures utilizing a stack of different exposures. A photograph with a dynamic vary wider than by a single shot will be a end result.

- The night vision light is available to use with either red mild shade or incandescent mild colour.

- The display screen colours are available for daytime use and nighttime use.

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