By Leviy


The cleanliness of workspaces, public areas and all other facilities has recently turn into one of the highest priorities. Visitors of workplaces, schools, public transport and another neighborhood demand transparency and clarity concerning the cleanliness of those environments.

Through QR expertise mycleanworkspace offers each cleaning staff and visitors with a simple to make use of device to register and monitor the cleansing of workspaces, public areas and all other amenities. This offers everybody visiting your amenities with real-time perception into the cleansing in order that they don’t have to fret about feeling safe and secure. And on prime of that it’s freed from charge!

// Visitors can merely scan the QR code to check when the workspace was final cleaned. This means they can begin their workday feeling safe!

// After utilizing a workspace or facility guests simply scan the QR to request cleansing.

// Once cleaned, the workspace is registered by the cleaner. After cleaning, suggestions can be given by the visitor.

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