Mining Monitor 4 2miners Pool

Mining Monitor 4 2miners Pool

By Tools4Monitoring

Mining Monitor 4 2miners PoolMining Monitor 4 2miners PoolMining Monitor 4 2miners Pool

Mining Monitor for 2miners Pool

This is unofficial monitoring utility for checking your mining progress and statistics information on 2miners Pools for all supported coins, see listing below.

This app continues to be in progress. Please, if you find any error, mistake, fault, and so forth. please contact us via e-mail or ticket system for quick fix. Many thanks.


- SOLO and POOL support

- Current, 24 hours common hashrate

- Unpaid balance, unconfirmed and whole paid in every currency

- Hashrate chart historical past with details after click/tap

- Block discovered information

- Round shares

- Last share info

- Altcoin per hour/day/week/month

- USD per day/week/month

- BTC per day/week/month

- Last Payouts - Payment transactions - final payments

- Payouts amount chart with details after click/tap

- Reward statistics web page with detail chart

- Worker's list

- Worker's statistics

Supported pools (Coins)

- Aeternity

- Akroma

- Beam

- BitcoinZ

- Bitcoin Gold

- Callisto

- DubaiCoin Solo

- Ellaism

- Ethereum Cla

- Ethereum

- Metaverse ETP

- Expanse

- Grin


- Musicoin

- Pirl

- Ravencoin

- Monero

- Zcoin

- Yocoin

- Zclassic

- Zcash

- ZelCash

- Zencash

If you want add more swimming pools or you may have any concept for improvement, please contact us.

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