International Steam Tables

International Steam Tables

By Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar

International Steam TablesInternational Steam TablesInternational Steam TablesInternational Steam TablesInternational Steam Tables

The International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97 app has been developed by lively members of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) at the Zittau/Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences. The research group on the Department of Technical Thermodynamics in Zittau participated in the development of the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for the Properties of Water and Steam and developed four supplementary requirements for backward equations.

This app is on the market for Android and Apple-iOS, and is designed for comfortable use. The calculations of the thermodynamic properties are based mostly on the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 and canopy its full range of validity. In addition, transport properties, thermodynamic derivatives, and backward functions may be calculated.

This app is intended for use by college students and engineers of their daily work.

To study more concerning the International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97 app visit our website for a detailed User's Guide.


Features of the International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97 app:

The following combinations of enter variables may be chosen:

Pressure p and temperature t

Pressure p and vapor fraction x in moist steam area

Temperature t and vapor fraction x in wet steam region

Pressure p and particular enthalpy h

Pressure p and particular entropy s

Specific enthalpy h and particular entropy s

Specific internal energy u and specific quantity v

Specific enthalpy h and particular quantity v

The consumer just edits the values of the enter variables and all outcomes are calculated automatically. See the screenshots under this textual content for particulars.

Depending on the given pair of input variables the following properties will be calculated:

Pressure p or saturation strain ps

Temperature t or saturation temperature ts

Vapor fraction x

Specific volume v

Density rho

Specific internal vitality u

Specific enthalpy h

Specific entropy s

Specific isobaric warmth capability cp

Specific isochoric warmth capacity cv

Isentropic exponent kappa

Speed of sound w

Isobaric cubic enlargement coefficient alpha_v

Isothermal compressibility kappa_t

Thermal conductivity lambda

Dynamic viscosity eta

Kinematic viscosity ny

Prandtl quantity Pr

Thermal diffusivity a

The calculated properties are displayed in a scrollable view. The user just must scroll right down to see all the results. See the screenshots beneath for details.

If the consumer switches from one input variable combination to another the beforehand given or calculated values shall be assigned to the new input values and the output is being calculated mechanically. For instance, if the user calculates a sure state point from strain p and temperature t and switches to a calculation from pressure p and particular entropy s afterwards, the beforehand calculated worth for s (from p and t) might be assigned as input value for s. This eases the calculation of thermodynamic processes in which one property is stored constant, e. g. of an isentropic enlargement.

The consumer can select SI or I-P unit methods. In addition a wide range of different items can be found,


K, °C, °F, °R for Temperature,

MPa, bar, psi, atm for stress,

kg, lb for mass,

kJ, Btu, ft lbf, kcal for vitality.

All units could be selected independently however the consumer may additionally change between SI and IP unit system for all properties with just one faucet. See the screenshots beneath this textual content for particulars.

Unit conversions shall be efficient immediately.

A detailed User's Guide explains the features and capabilities of this App. View the User's information online on

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