iLOQ S50

iLOQ S50

By iLOQ Ltd.

With iLOQ S50 Mobile Application you'll find a way to power-up and open compatible batteryless smart locks with NFC enabled Android telephone.

Lock opening is straightforward and handy: place the NFC antenna space on the cellphone near a lock while the applying is running. The lock harvests energy from phone’s electromagnetic NFC field and verifies phone’s entry rights for opening. Using telephone as a key permits flexible entry administration over the air.

In order to use the App as a mobile key, you have to register the App to the locking system. Contact your locking system supplier for more info.

Main options:

-Unlock batteryless smart locks securely with your Android phone

-Receive access rights to doorways over the air

-Receive messages from locking system administrator

-Personalize the opening event

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