Electrohelper: EE Toolbox Pro

Electrohelper: EE Toolbox Pro

By Anas Abubakar

Electrohelper: EE Toolbox ProElectrohelper: EE Toolbox ProElectrohelper: EE Toolbox ProElectrohelper: EE Toolbox ProElectrohelper: EE Toolbox Pro

Electrohelper is an app excellent for Electrical/Electronics engineering college students and electronics hobbyists/enthusiasts. It helps you lookup digital element data quickly. You can also carry out circuit calculations with the app, it covers detail details about electronics elements and common electronics circuits.

The app provides you with the knowledge you have to understand how electronics part works, the app supplies the list of common electronics components for a venture just like the list of common rectifier diodes, widespread signal diodes, common BJTs, and so on.

App features include:

Electronics elements reference section

Circuit calculations section

Common Electronics Circuit section.

The app present detail info for the next electronic components







Operational amplifier.

555 Timer.

Electrolytic capacitor.

Light-emitting diode.

Signal diode.

Rectifier diode.

Voltage regulators.

Here are the out there calculations within the circuit calculator section:

Passive Butterworth filter calculations/design.

Sallen-Key filter calculations/design.

555 Timer astable multivibrator calculations.

555 Timer monostable pulse period calculations.

Resistor color code calculator.

Series resistor calculator.

Parallel resistor calculator.

Voltage divider calculator.

LCR impedance calculator.

LCR resonance calculator.

Operational amplifier calculator.

Inverting amplifier calculator.

Non-inverting amplifier calculator.

Difference amplifier calculator.

LED resistor calculator.

Zener diode voltage regulator calculator.

Inductor winding calculator.

Capacitive reactance calculator.

Inductive reactance calculator.

Bipolar Junction Transistor parameters calculator.

Delta - Star.

Star - Delta.

Current divider calculator.

Parallel RLC calculator.

Series RLC calculator.

Resistance calculator.

Capacitance calculator.

Filter calculator.


Common circuit part includes:

Active rectifier circuit.

Bandpass filter circuit.

Transistor astable multivibrator circuit.

MOSFET amplifier circuits.

Class A amplifier circuit.

Class B amplifier circuit.

Differential amplifier circuit.

Colpitt oscillator.

Hartley oscillator circuit.

Low pass filter circuit

High cross filter circuit.


The App will maintain improving with each and every replace.

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