WLC Biblical Calendar

WLC Biblical Calendar

By World's Last Chance

WLC Biblical CalendarWLC Biblical CalendarWLC Biblical CalendarWLC Biblical Calendar

http://www.worldslastchance.com/ - World's Last Chance is happy to provide this distinctive application which correlates two completely different and distinct strategies of time calculation in a user-friendly format: the photo voltaic Gregorian calendar and the lunar-solar (luni-solar) Biblical calendar. This one-of-a-kind program just isn't obtainable anywhere else on the earth.

• Lunar Sabbath Application

• It supplies a Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar with corresponding Gregorian dates.

• It offers a Gregorian calendar with corresponding Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar dates.

• It allows calculation of either the Lunar-Solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar into the long run or the past with the Creator's Sabbaths and Feast Days marked on each calendars.

• The proportion of the moon's illumination is provided as well as times for dawn, sundown, moonrise, and moonset.

• It supplies accurate astronomical info for both the sun and the moon in your particular location.

The info provided right here is invaluable for many who want to honor their Maker by preserving His annual feasts and weekly Sabbaths holy. It shows future lunations so that work and faculty can be scheduled round Yahuwah's holy days.

NOTE: While each precaution has been taken to make sure the best potential accuracy, we must stress that this Luni-Solar Calendar Application is a GUIDE. It just isn't meant to be a substitute for prayerful examine and careful statement. In HIS Service and Care, -The WLC Team

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