Photo Metadata Viewer

Photo Metadata Viewer

By Syrupy

Photo Metadata ViewerPhoto Metadata ViewerPhoto Metadata ViewerPhoto Metadata ViewerPhoto Metadata Viewer

Easily view Exif metadata in photos.

See places the place photographs have been taken on a map (if location information was recorded).

Supports many Exif tags that could be recorded on a photograph, such as:

• Camera brand,

• Camera model,

• Camera serial quantity,

• Location,

• Date and time,

• Software that processed the pictures,

• Flash mode,

• Light supply,

• Lens model,

• Lens model,

• Lens serial quantity,

• Width, peak, and resolutions,

• F-stop,

• Exposure time,

• ISO speed,

• Focal length,

• Metering mode,

• Subject distance,

• Contrast, brightness, saturation, and sharpness,

• White stability,

And many more!


• Simple straightforward to use,

• Supports many Exif tags,

• View picture location on a map (if location was recorded),

No bloat/unnecessary options,

No pointless permissions,

• Free!

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