WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager


WiFi ManagerWiFi ManagerWiFi ManagerWiFi ManagerWiFi ManagerWiFi ManagerWiFi Manager

A highly effective WiFi community monitor to detect and optimize the WiFi sign energy.

With a series of special function: Security Check, Signal Boost, Speed Boost. This WiFi monitor can analyze present network signal state and discover out there WiFi round you, it permits any android good cellphone to search for open WiFi network and hook up with it automatically.You can select to save frequently-used network, and it'll connect to it next time. As for a WiFi Spy Detect, it can scan and uncover devices related to WLAN.

Free and secure to use

Freely join or disconnect any obtainable WiFi by merely tapping on it;

Check WiFi info and encryption, SSL and DNS hijacking, app cheating to show you the safety state

Optimize the linked network

Tap Signal Boost to calibrate wi-fi module and optimize community connection;

Tap Speed Boost to speed up community course of for operating app

Detect and monitor net usage

“WiFi Spy Detect” can detect devices related to WLAN;

“Net Monitor” can monitor operating app community usage.

Available WiFi list

Clearly list free WiFi and password required WiFi, faucet the related WiFi to view the status, speed, security and IP tackle.

WiFi network monitor Features

Signal energy meter- analyzer and scanner of WiFi net

Search and monitor gadgets and apps in the related network

Extra function-Data plan, management and adjust your month-to-month knowledge usage plan

Optimize the signal and speed

Simple and easy interface, complete perform, perfect design

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