Structural Beam (DEMO)

Structural Beam (DEMO)

By Angelo Bilancia

Structural Beam (DEMO)Structural Beam (DEMO)Structural Beam (DEMO)Structural Beam (DEMO)Structural Beam (DEMO)

A DEMO of SRTUCTURAL BEAM PRO, an helpful app for the study and for the yard.

A structural engineering App for Android.

It is beneficial for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

An handbook of quick session, calculation and pre-dimensioning of beams in your Android gadget.

This App is an Handbook for Structural Calculations and a Beam Calculator. An essential Tool for Civil Engineers, Architects, Technicians and Students for Civil Engineerig, Civil Buildings Experts, Mechanical Engineering and other Structure Disciplines.

Are obtainable Graphics Diagrams, Section Calculator and Tables with Graphical and Numerical Results.

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