Smart Magnifier

Smart Magnifier

By Smart Tools co.

Smart MagnifierSmart MagnifierSmart MagnifierSmart MagnifierSmart Magnifier

Smart Magnifier is within the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection.

This app turns your gadget into a magnifying glass with digicam zoom, auto-focus and LED flash.

When you wish to magnify small issues and texts, Smart Magnifier can be the solution. Try it now.

It is easy and straightforward software to make use of. Here are major features.

- LED light

- Screenshot

- Screen freezing

- Camera zoom Digital zoom (5x)

- Rotating camera view

- Auto-focusing

* Do you need more tools?

download Smart Light Pro and Smart Tools bundle.

For extra information, watch YouTube and visit the weblog. Thank you.

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Magnifying Glass- Zoom: from 1x to 10x.- Flashlight: Use flashlight in darkish places or during night time.- Freeze: After freezing, you can view magnified pictures in more element.- Take Photos: Save magnified photos on your cellphone.- Totally Free.