Phone signal information

Phone signal information

By inPocket Software

Phone signal informationPhone signal informationPhone signal informationPhone signal information

Check how good your cellphone sign is at home or work, upstairs or downstairs.

Is the sign low or are you having plenty of cell handovers (handoffs) due to a poor signal; check should you should think about a unique cellular phone operator, or make your essential calls from a special room.

Phone Signal lets you examine cell phone signal high quality in detail (signal power, handovers, radio kind changes) over time and get network cell data.

Monitor signal

Provides an outline of SIM, community and signal power (up to 1 minute). The signal graph is color-coded to characterize the sign stage (green, yellow, red). Cell handovers (handoffs) are shown with vertical orange bars. Cell radio technology adjustments (e.g. LTE 4G to UMTS 3G) are shown with blue vertical bars.

Signal graph

Shows a detailed signal strength graph with knowledge for the explanation that Phone Signal app was began (up to 60 minutes). Scrollable and pinch-zoomable.

Telephony information.

Shows an summary of the present cellphone and SIM data.

Cell towers

Shows the cells detected.


Shows the proportion of time the signal level has been low, good or superb.

Shows the number of cell handovers and kind changes (e.g. LTE 4G to UMTS 3G).

Shows an inventory of great events, including cell handovers, cell kind changes and sign strength dropping to low.


Please note that not all telephones accurately report signal strength. If you've an issue with Phone Signal, please report it as a bug and I will investigate. Thanks.

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