engcon DC2

engcon DC2

By engcon control systems

engcon DC2engcon DC2engcon DC2engcon DC2engcon DC2engcon DC2

With this software you probably can hook up with an engcon DC2 management system and :

• Get distant assist

• Use our tools program

• Switch between person profiles

• Perform input calibration

• Obtain alarm codes

• Get common system information

Remote assist – Troubleshoot and get assist via internet

To get remote help from a technician you will call mentioned technician first along with your phone and give them the shown pin code and serial variety of the cabin module when requested. The technician can then connect and make modifications to the settings throughout the system, as if sitting in the machine. The distant help function requires that the Android phone or tablet has an web connection by way of cell network or Wi-Fi.

Tools program - Change between completely different tool settings with a swipe of your finger

You can create up to 20 completely different tool settings in the system. Each device can be named and a picture could be chosen for quick identification. Within the software you probably can change the speed and ramps of, for instance, tilt and rotation.

User profiles - For individual control of your tiltrotator

By establishing multiple user profiles you customize your system to fit totally different operator types that utilizes the identical machine.

Bluetooth connection

The app makes use of Bluetooth to join with the DC2 cabin module. If a connection code is requested use 1234, in any other case you solely need to press the LD3 button in your left MIG2 grip to pair with the DC2 cabin module.

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