Easy Raffle: Random number, names, prizes, teams!

Easy Raffle: Random number, names, prizes, teams!

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Easy Raffle: Random number, names, prizes, teams!Easy Raffle: Random number, names, prizes, teams!


* A fun method to draw names or draw off prizes!

* Draw numbers, names, or issues

* Build teams in seconds!

* Use for attracts, build groups, bingo, lotteries, and more

* Fast and simple to use

* Draw any variety of numbers or names in a row or repeated

* Set minimal and most numbers to be drawn

* Totally freed from charge


Create your sortitions, sweepstakes and drawings with the Easy Random App! Generate random numbers, names and teams! Easy and free, discovery the toss mode, is like a personal lotto, with slots and raffle!

The Random Number Generator is a randomizer app, and is simple to use random number picker. You can shuffle name record, numbers or teams!

Create random list item, or random list item picker easily! Check the lottery simulator, with the shake to draw characteristic: you can shake the system to attract numbers or names. Simple, straightforward, fast!

Discovery the brand new random group generator, is straightforward and free to use app, download now! Is like a lotto, lottery or raffle!

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