Twisty Timer

Twisty Timer

By Ari Neto

Twisty TimerTwisty TimerTwisty TimerTwisty TimerTwisty Timer

Easy to use with a clean, intuitive design

Save, graph and share your solves

Create categories for various events, like OH, blindfolded, toes..

Random-state scrambles for all official puzzles, just like the 3x3, 4x4, Megaminx, Pyraminx and others, with a visual representation of each scramble

Improve your 3x3 times with optimum hints for cross and x-cross for each scramble.

All scrambles are generated utilizing the TNoodle open-source scramble program, the same utilized in official competitions*


Dozens of statistics for each puzzle and class. Track your best and worst single and average instances, get alerted of latest personal bests, visualize your averages of 5, 12, 50, 100 and one thousand in a graph, and observe many extra statistics like complete time, deviation and solve rely.


Choose from over 20 completely different app themes and font colours, customise the color scheme of your puzzles, choose which gadgets you need to seem within the timer, change the scramble dimension, toggle inspection on/off, customise alerts and rather more.


A full OLL and PLL algorithm reference, with more on the method in which. You can check your progress on every case, and add new algorithms and comments. The colors of the stickers in the diagrams also change according to your customized dice shade scheme!


Have a stackmat but still wish to save and observe your times? You can enter your occasions manually and maintain track of your statistics and scrambles!


Twisty Timer is full of options that will assist you become a good better cuber. Organize your solves in categories, export your solves into a backup file, transfer solves between phones, add comments and penalties to your solves, share, and far more!

Twisty Timer and all its options are 100% free, with NO adverts.

NOTE: This app and its creator usually are not affiliated in any means with any of the official speedsolving organizations or the TNoodle staff. The scrambles generated on this app should not be utilized in any official competitions.

* The Square-1 puzzle makes use of a unique scramble algorithm because of some limitations

Twisty Timer is an open-source project. Feel free to contribute at:


Permissions clarification:

• Read/Write to external storage: This permission is used only for the clear up export/import feature.

• In-app purchases: This permission is used just for the donate button. There are NO paid options in the app.