Temperature Alarm for FLIR ONE

Temperature Alarm for FLIR ONE

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Temperature Alarm for FLIR ONETemperature Alarm for FLIR ONETemperature Alarm for FLIR ONETemperature Alarm for FLIR ONETemperature Alarm for FLIR ONE

Important: You will want to have a FLIR ONE gadget for this app to run.

Temperature Alarm is an intelligent, easy to use software that detects excessive and/or low temperature overflows routinely by utilizing FLIR ONE infrared camera.

Temperature Alarm can be used for many purposes corresponding to room temperature management, mass production, safety. You can use the app on your different specific necessities.

Temperature Alarm operates in day evening night. When you run Temperature Alarm, you can observe any hotter or colder pixels in your FLIR ONE field of view in your display. In addition, you'll be able to allow alarm sound, can make cellphone name in case of any alarm where available.

You also can monitor standing of your one other gadget in your Wifi community. If you have no Wifi entry point obtainable, you could also monitor one other device using peer to see Wifi Direct (P2P) infrastructure.


* Temperature Alarm routinely detects any hotter or colder pixels of your specified level and plots them on your gadget screen.

* Temperature Alarm mechanically detects the overflow in temperature mean and the range in the detection space.

* Temperature Alarm draws an icon on the display when any temperature overflow is detected.

* Temperature Alarm sketches temperature overflow history on the device screen. Therefore, you presumably can have detailed data.

* User can change options for alarm speaker, temperature detection rectangles show or temperature detection history show.

* User can optionally save image frames causing alarm. User can show these recorded photos any time.

* Temperature Alarm allows you to set two forms of alarms:

a) Instant Alarm: The app raises immediate alarm and displays alarm icon in case of any temperature overflow.

b) Continuous Alarm: The app raises alarm sound and displays alarm icon in case in case of any temperature overflow for a specified time period each set by person. Alarm state goes till terminated by person.

* This application lets you remote monitor your FLIR ONE gadget state by way of Wifi or WifiDirectP2P connection.


* Tune your utility via Settings Window.

* Fix your device by going through the FLIR ONE digital camera trying to the realm you wish to observe.

* Start the applying.

* After countdown the detection starts.



Temperature Unit

* Select temperature unit, Celcius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

Detection Rules

* Define detection rule for warm temperatures. You can examine if any pixel or if the imply temperature is hotter than a predefined threshold.

* Define detection rule for chilly temperatures. You can verify if any pixel or if the imply temperature is colder than a predefined threshold.

* Define detection rule for temperature vary. You can examine if the temperature range in your digital camera area of view is greater and/or decrease than predefined threshold.


* Alarm Type: Instant Alarm or Continuous Alarm Mode.

* Alarm Sound: Enable alarm sound or mute.

* Save Picture on Alarm: Saves the present picture in case of alarm.

* Call Phone on Alarm: Calls selected phone number in case of alarm. (only legitimate in telephone units and in Continuous Alarm Mode)


* Detection Rectangles: Draw rectangular overflow area plots on the system display or not.

* Detection History: Draw overflow history bubbles on the device screen or not.

* Publish Wifi Messages: You can set your gadget as Wifi message writer. Receiver gadgets monitor the status of the writer by Monitor Wifi Window.


* Sender/Receiver: You can set your WifiP2P system as message sender or receiver. Receiver gadgets monitor the standing of connected peer by Monitor Screen.

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